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Writing for Yarn

How do I get started writing for Yarn? Do I need a special program?

We're working on a tool called "Loom" for creating Yarn stories. In the meantime we're accepting games in any format: Twine, Choicescript, PDF, post-it notes connected by colored string, whatever. If we like your story, we'll figure out how to make it work on Yarn.

Does Yarn have a preferred story format?

We recommend using Twine if you're familiar with it or you're willing to learn. It's a fantastic tool and it's really easy for us to port. If you're not comfortable with Twine, our second choice is a plain text document (like .docx or .otf). Check out the writing tips section for more info on writing with both methods.

Does Yarn support "parser" games?

Nope. Yarn is designed for choice-based interactive fiction games. It currently doesn't support text input. If you have a parser game you want to publish, and you think it would work as a choice-style game, go ahead and submit it. We're happy to consider everything.

What features does Yarn support?

Check out the writing tips section for more info on how to best make use Yarn's features.

Are there any more features Yarn plans on supporting?

Yes, quite a few. Yarn is still a relatively new platform and we've got big plans for the future. Unfortunately, they're all top secret. 😉

Is there anything I can't write about?

You game must abide by Apple's app store guidelines. We won't likely publish games containing extremely offensive material. We can't publish stories that infringe on other's intellectual property. So things like "Game of Thrones fan-fiction" are out. We love a good romance story, but we're also not currently accepting erotica.

How long does my story need to be?

As long (or short) as you want it to be! We don't have any sort of length rule. Although, we are slightly biased towards longer stories.

Does my story need to be in english?

We're currently only publishing english games. However, Yarn was designed with multi-language support in mind. We'd encourage you to submit your non-english story anyway. We'll likely be able to publish it at some point.

Does Yarn offer proofreading or editing services?

Yes, we have a really fantastic editor working with us. The service is completely FREE and totally optional. You can request it when you submit a story. (Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that our editor will be able to work on every story.)

Do I need to supply my own cover art?

Nope. If you already have a cover, we'll start with that. If you don't or if you don't like what you have, we'll have a professional artist create a new cover for your story. This is another FREE service. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee it'll be available for everyone. You can request it when you submit a story.

Publishing on Yarn

Are you only publishing "new" games?

Nope. We're happy to publish older games or games that have been published other places.

If I submit a story, does that guarantee it'll be published on Yarn?

Unfortunately, we're not able to publish every work submitted to us. There's currently a good bit of effort required on our end to get a story running on Yarn. However! We're working on a self-publishing platform. So even if we aren't able to port & publish your story right now, you'll have the ability to publish it yourself in the coming months. Sign up for our author mailing list and we'll let you know when it's ready.

Where are published Yarn stories available?

Very soon, Yarn stories will be available on iPhones, iPads, and iPods. When we release Yarn for Android in the coming months, your story will become available there as well.

Is my story going to be it's own app?

Nope. Your story will be included in Yarn's catalog. Readers will find, download and play your story inside the Yarn app.

No... at least not yet. Right now, the Yarn app and the entire story catalog are free. We'll be adding the ability to sell stories on the platform in the coming months.

What story formats is Yarn currently accepting & publishing?

We're currently accepting stories in any format: Twine, ChoiceScript, InlkeWriter PDF, Word doc, post-it notes connected by colored string, whatever. If we like your story, we'll figure out how to make it work on Yarn.

I have a story written with "X" (Twine, Choicescript, etc.) Do I need to import it or convert it or something?

Right now, if we're interested in publishing your story, we'll handle all the conversion ourselves. You'll be able to test and approve your story (or suggest edits) before we make it available to the public.

My story uses a feature Yarn doesn't currently support. Can you still publish it?

Maybe, it really depends on the feature. In some cases we may need to make some minor changes to get it working (and to comply with the rules of the App Store). If we need to tweak anything, we'll stay as true to the original work as possible. We'll also never release anything without your final approval.

What if I want to remove my story from Yarn?

Send us an email at: and we'll have it removed from the catalog in 24 hours or less.


Yes, you keep the full copyright and IP rights to your work.

Can I still distribute my game other places if it's published on Yarn?

Yes, our distribution agreement is non-exclusive. You're free to publish, host, and/or sell your work anywhere else you'd like.

"Choice of Games" published my story, can I publish it on Yarn too?

No. Choice of Games (COG) publishes stories under an exclusive distribution agreement. We are, however, able to publish free games made with Choicescript, as long as they haven't been previously published by COG.


Who's behind Yarn?

Yarn is powered by a small, distributed team of full time (and part time) designers, developers and writers. It was founded in January 2016 by Ryan Epp.

Help! My question wasn't answered.

Shoot us an email at: and we'll be happy to answer it.