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Designed for Storytellers

No Coding Required

If you can write a story, you can build a mobile game. We're working on a drag & drop studio called "Loom" to help you easily write Yarn stories. In the meantime, we're accepting stories and games written in any format.

Write Once, Play Everywhere

Yarn stories run natively and are all cross-platform by default. Every game works the same on iPads as it does on Android phones. You'll never need to hassle with multiple code bases or ports.

100% Free

There's no cost to write and publish stories on Yarn. In some cases, we'll even offer professional proofreading, editing and cover design for free.

Killer Features

Yarn offers everything you'd expect (and more) from a choice-based, interactive fiction platform:

  • Choices and conditional forks
  • Remembered decisions and variables
  • Images and animation support
  • Background music and sound effects
  • Custom styles (fonts, colors, background images, etc.)
  • Timed delays between passages

See the: Full list of features

Open Source

Yarn is committed to building an open, community-driven platform. We'll be releasing the source of all our tools as well as the "spec" for Yarn stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started writing for Yarn?

Right now, we're accepting stories in any format: Twine, PDF, post-it notes connected by colored string, whatever. If we like your story, we'll figure out how to make it work on Yarn.

We recommend using Twine (1.4) if you're familiar with it or you're willing to learn. It's a fantastic tool and it's really easy for us to port and publish. If you're not comfortable with Twine, our second choice is a plain text document (like .docx or .otf). Check out the writing tips section for more info on writing with both methods.

Will I get paid for including my story on Yarn?

No... at least not yet. Right now, the Yarn app and the entire story catalog are free. We'll be adding the ability to sell stories on the platform in the coming months.

Still have Questions? Check out the: Complete FAQ

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